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I kind of forgot how good livejournal was for communities and fandoms. Tumblr is pretty good too mind you! But LJ has the years behind it.

i guess i should update things. my tumblr is now (my old username)
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it looks like ive given up livejournal.
dont get my wrong, i still check my friends page all the time. i just have no need to write here anymore. i have a twitter and a tumblr account and i use both regularly.

(edited 15/07/11 to update twitter and tumblr links)
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i like yoga.

step one of the Healthier Lifestyle plan is under way. light and regular exercise, and what better thing to do than yoga every day. i need to keep this up for a week, then i'll introduce some cardio every day.

my plan - i can not diet. so i need to counter the calories i eat with exercise.
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i had a weird dream last night.
i was at a big house, sort of rural estate thing. and there was ivy or a plant growing up the outside walls. and lots of it.
and on the plant there was hundreds of snail shells, empty, dangling from spider web threads. loads of them all over the ivy plant. and in a space, on the wall where the plant hadn't grown there was this big old spider. totally flat against the wall with its long lets splayed out flush with the wall. a bit like the spider on venom in spiderman. or like this only... scaled UP
(and btw that's technically not a spider but part of the arachnid family anyway.. seen them in Wales in my mum's porch).

yeah a spider that kills snails.

so it's working... i show the spiders that i'm on their side in real life.... and they're on my side in my dreams.
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i'm sulking because i've watched last friday's Smackdown and we've lost our Jeff.
lets hope he doesn't stay away from the WWE 'too' long :)
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just wow

oh my motherfucking god.
i was sceptical about all this new info and leaked spoilers about world of warcraft's next expansion.
but with a bit more solid proof about it all i'm allowing myself to get a little excited :D

i'm happy that the level cap is only being raised by 5 levels.
a completely re-designed Azeroth will be amazing to play through. essentially there's nothing wrong with how it is now, but its all so 'dead'. seen it too many times, the thought of levelling another toon through it is painful (the exceptions being the Draenei and Belf starting zones).
the two new races look great, i'm more excited about the Worgen - after all, i am Alliance at heart. a worgen warlock sounds good to me! (and will replace my human warlock, see i've planned this already). but i'll definitely be playing a goblin too. i imagine they're going to look quite sinister.
there seems to be a lot of theorycrafting changes too. stats being tinkered with - merged and/or removed entirely. that'll simplify things cause i don't know about you but i'm not into the idea of having to 'study' to be good at a game.

well i'm on an involuntary break from wow. i had hoped that after i was paid this month i'd be able to renew my subscription. but alas i am too poor even for £8. so on this month off i intend to use my spare time more wisely.
for starters, i'm going to get myself healthier. my job keeps me active and on my feet every day but i'm thinking, a little cardio and a little yoga wouldn't hurt. i also need to ask the doctor about a potential under active thyroid. i say potential. i read the 'symptoms' and some apply, but could easily have other reasons and it could be coincidence. best get it checked out me-thinks.

also terribly excited about november. but that's for a different journal entry i think :)
WOW shaman


my subscription to wow has expired and i have, literally, no money to renew it. sucks to be me. we'll see if i can manage anything payday-friday.

i chipped a tooth yesterday chewing gum. humbug! it's sensitive, but it'll wear off right?

zomg! birthday weekend was awesome! got to see my mam and road trip to wales. my new monitor is sexy (22" widescreen).

last sunday was the one year anniversary of moving into my house with Bee. hoorah. we sorted out our living room finally. :)