Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

Official WoW Post.

last updated 03.december.08

Realm; stormrage eu


Main: Lucifel - Draenei Shaman.
Shamans are made of awesome.
Professions are Herbalism and Alchemy.
Specializing in Enhancement.

Alt one: Hexiel - Draenei Death Knight.
Brilliant and so OP it's almost boring to play.
Professions are mining and blacksmithing.
Specializing in Unholy.

Alt two: Lexiel - Draenei Paladin
Fun to play.
Professions are mining and engineering.
Specializing in Protection with a few points in Holy and Retribution (in the obvious places)


Main: Starscreåm - Orc Shaman.
what can i say.
Professions are Mining and Engineering.
Specializing in Elemental.
Tags: world of warcraft
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