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updates, such as they are

I should really have posted a week ago.
my two weeks off work went wonderfully. oh i so love doing nothing. I went through my dvd collection and watched nearly everything. my collection is small though, so that's not really as impressive as it sounds. having watched V for Vendetta several more times, it was promoted to 'favourite movie' and then demoted again when i started watching the Matrix trilogy, which i had forgotten was so good. well all of them except the second movie, that was kind of rubbish, but is delightfully redeemed by The Twins, who rocked and so should have been in the third movie.

excited about the third PotC movie? yes yes.

my domain seems to have gone mad since i moved servers. all of the php stopped working. my includes, the mailform. all broken. i have no idea why, but regular includes seem to work so i'm using those for the time being. it's easier anyway because i am switching my fanlistings to use enthusiast. which is great, except i can't get the 'country' field to show up. it should be there, by default, unless the list is sorted by a specific country. so bleh, i'll have to email my host, because something serious is obviously going on (or not going on, however you see it).

Pandora almost went into surgery last friday. she is nearly a year old and i wanted to have her spayed before she goes into season, because dealing with a bloody (no, literally) bitch with pms (again.. literally) is not as fun as it sounds. they did a blood test and decided that her creatinin (or creatnin or cretin or whatever the hell it is!) levels were too high and they want to do another test in two weeks. it's something to do with her kidneys anyway. and high levels of this creatinin stuff can be caused by dehydration and diabetes and some other things. well they did the blood test around lunchtime and he hadn't had anything to drink since 7am (per their orders) so dehydration? maybe? though she has always drink and pee'ed a lot so maybe we're really unlucky and she has diabetes. still i worried all morning cause i thought my gorgeous pooch was going to be cut open, so i was relieved when i got the call to say they weren't doing it.

work is still just as dull (not long before my college interview, fingers and toes crossed for me people!). gail is off next week so i'll be in 6 mornings of the week. that's cool. i usually get more hours that way. and mornings, though the suck, it does mean i am up and awake so i can get stuff done in the afternoons.

my interest in warcraft wavered a little for a few days last week. since then i managed to get my wildcard character up to level 26, same as my main character. turns out draenei shamans are the best and most excellent characters. so there. which is just as well, because a named her Lucifel. i'll update the main warcraft post at some point. i actually think i'm getting ok at the game. questing with groups still worries me, partly because i don't want to let anyone down and partly because even though i am a noob, even i know it rude to 'need' on all the decent loot and yoink the chests before anyone else has a chance to say anything. rrawr. and it bugs me.

i need to go shower. and does anyone know how to replace the screen of a clamshell ibook? there has to be a way..
Tags: graphics & code, world of warcraft
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