Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

what? what's going on?

you know i had something properly interesting to say... but i can not for the life of me remember what it was.
i'm still getting nowhere on warcraft, i'm stuck, stuck at level 41. though i did make a nice 8g on a run through the DM and a couple of bits i still had hanging about from a trip through the SM lib.

i was recently asked by someone at work, what i do when i'm not at work. and i had no idea what to say. i was thinking "quick! make something up! anything! oh god... change the subject!" truth is i don't actually do anything. that doesn't bother me much mind. but just sounds so uncool! i got to get me a hobby.. that doesn't involve being a geek...

the design i was playing with for nocturnal.nu has melted. my muse left me halfway through and i have no idea how to make it good. so we'll be scrapping that idea for a while. i'll have to go hunting through my link exchanges, and their link exchanges, and so on, until i am inspired.

i'm still toying with the idea of getting myself some synthetic dreads for braid into my hair. it will be fun to try, but kind of expensive if i don't like them after all.. i should just do it shouldn't i?

my madison piercing looks very suspiciously like it's rejecting... the skin is darker in patches in the middle of the bar. i'm giving it a few more days, if the dark bits go away i keep battling with it, if they don't i am taking it out. some one at work is planning on getting an implant as part of a tattoo sometime soon. apparently there is a piercer in Neath that does that sort of thing. i'll just copy her. implants are easier to heal anyway so i'm told. i'll wait and see how hers goes :)

ooh and the Doctor Who episode last saturday was gorgeous. i love that captain Jack is in it again. i love how the doctor and jack interact. and the doctors face as the master was stealing his tardis, gosh now there is a man that needed a hug if ever i saw one.

.. and i still can't remember the interesting thing i was going to write about, so i'll leave this post as it is.
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