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pants! - Black Holes and Revelations — LiveJournal
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hexiel From: hexiel Date: June 23rd, 2007 08:56 am (UTC) (Link)
well fortunately i am still motivated. normally if i come back from a weigh in with bad news i tend to give up the next day and eat lots of naughty stuff! and i did do that a little this time, had pizza which worked out at 25 syns so not the end of the world.

but i think you might be right, maybe my body is just used to the diet and i need to step it up a bit. so i have added some exercise into the mix! i'm going 30 minutes a day on our rowing machine which so far is brilliant (although i have only been doing it two days now ha!). i always feel better after exercise, so i'm not sure why i don't do it often.

a week of dieting?.. i LIKE how you think!
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