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doctor who - Black Holes and Revelations — LiveJournal
doctor who
just finished watching the last of this seasons Doctor Who.

oh. my. god.
there was some quality, tear inducing acting in this episode.

but it ended wrong. the Master shouldn't have died. i liked him. he was cruel and insane and just fabulous (his coat had a red lining and he wore black leather gloves! *squee*)
and the doctor needed him and he should have been able to keep him.

so now i am sad... and have decided to completely disregard the whole cremation scene and assume that the Doctor took the Master to the tardis and the tardis resurrected him and now the Doctor keeps him locked up in the tardis' basement :)

i now feel a compulsion to watch Life on Mars. hmmn.

Current Mood: depressed

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playbunnii From: playbunnii Date: July 1st, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I watched some of this tonight...though i didn't see it all, just the ending, i thought it was ace though so far.

Teehee...it was cool though ^^ The Doctor has a little friend in the tardis aye?..naughty ;)

I've had a REALLY bad week this week....i've put on like 2lbs...bleh..horridible. Just been eating a load of crap. Kinda worth it though...hehe
hexiel From: hexiel Date: July 2nd, 2007 02:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh it was a good series, i never really warmed to Martha so i am kind of glad she left (well mostly left) at the end.
i saw the repeat of that episode yesterday, i still got all misty eyed! i don't usually get quite so attached to characters so quickly.
.. yes very naughty.. my mind takes me to baad places. *cackle*

oh you have to have bad weeks don't you. i mean, otherwise it gets depressing. if you think oh i can't have that i am dieting and then weeks later, your still dieting and you start to feel deprived. i have taken loads of weeks off. i would be over a stone lighter if i hadn't gained every time i went of the rails. eek. but it is worth it.
i guess the important thing is that you remember how great you have already done and that once you've taken your week off you get back on track.
and 2lb ain't bad, i have managed to put on 3 1/2 in a week once. don't know how i managed it mind, i surely wasn't 'that' bad. haha.
you'll be ok :) you've been losing weight so fast, you'll be able to catch up in no time!
playbunnii From: playbunnii Date: July 3rd, 2007 08:52 am (UTC) (Link)
I dunno, I never watched much of Dr Who, though i did watch torchwood for a while...Jack! My friend is obsessed with the guy who plays him, John Borrowman (I think?).

Well surprisingly enough, I got weighed...and I lost 1lb..???how the hell I'm not sure, though i do believe its coz I went out saturday and just danced, didn't drink at all.
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