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minor stuff

i received my Provisional Driving license today. hooray! i can learn to drive now.. oh wait, no i can't.
i still haven't made an appointment with my local optician yet. my glasses are pretty much ineffective at the moment. i have only 60-70% vision quality, meaning i can't read a numberplate from the distance you are supposed to be able to read one (hell i sit 4 feet away from my tv and it's still kind of fuzzy!) so i need to have new lenses installed in my glasses, which costs moneys! oh noes!
i also need a haircut.
if it's not raining i'll walk down to Ystrad and book appointments for those two things.

I am pretty close to lvl 44 in warcraft. i managed to work my way through a few quests that i was avoiding which was good. i also ended up rearranging my action bars 'again'. i'm still not happy with it. but i think that's cause it's new and all in a different order now. i have grouped my stuff by 'type' now. so all the defense/resistance related totems are together, all the healing things are together and all the enhancing stuff is together and all the offensive stuff is together and within easy clicking distance. hehe. i also tried to get all my most used spells and whatnot on the main action bar so if for some reason i need to, i can use my keyboard to use them. i think it's ok now. but for a while i kept mixing up the Mana Stream totem with the Grounding totem. which is very bad when you life depends on 'not' being hit by that lightening bolt x_x

i haven't done 'any' exercise the last two days! well except for walking Pandora yesterday... it wasn't raining when i left the house, and just as i got to the gate at the 'end' of the walk (the point where i turn round and go back) the heavens opened and we got soaked, and you try getting your trainers dry when you don't have any central heating!
anyway, i feel bad for not doing my half an hour exercise so i'll have to make sure i do some today! i do 'slightly' have an excuse. our rowing machine is broken. every time i use it the bolt on the left side of the seat comes undone and i have to stop to do it up again. that almost defeats the point if i have to keep stopping.
other than the lack of exercise my diet has been pretty good this week. it started off a bit bad cause i ate a low fat pizza (which was yuk and pointless gimme the full fat calorific one any day) and chocolate (the whole bar.. all to myself mahah). i'm still hoping i have lost 2lb though - wishful thinking? probably.

i am rather looking forward to the pokémon diamond/pearl games that are out soon. i think i am about due for a bout of pokémania. it's been years since i was properly into that fandom (around the gold/silver era).
oh gosh wouldn't it be cool of there was a proper free roaming pokémon mmorpg? even better if it played like warcraft and the battles were time based instead of turn based. i suppose it would even be possible to allow your pokémon armour and stuff, i mean the current games allow your monsters to hold an item that helps them out (whether it allows them to self heal or increases their chance to dodge, etc).
player could still quite easily still be faction based. like in the ruby/sapphire games you essentially chose whther you are going to help Team Magmar or Team Aqua (or whatever they were called ha!).
yes, it could so work and it would be epic. it would also be the only game in the world that would tear me away from warcraft. and i hate to say it but it would tear me away. pokémon was my first fandom, waaay back in the day where there were only 151 of the damn things to remember. haha! i remember being at poisonedwarf's house singing along to the anime theme tune after she wrote down the lyrics (omg! do you remember that, ha that's so sad! and yet so awesome!).

which brings me to my next *squee* worthy bit of news. next pay day mum wants to get a Nintendo Wii. how cool is that? every time one of the ads comes on tv she sighs and say "oh i want one!" (or something to that effect). now we all knew Nintendo were awesome. but i never though they would succeed where i had failed so many times and get my mum into gaming. hooray.

while i remember. Linkin Park's new album is naff! there are two listenable songs on it and that's it.
i guess they didn't really get worse, just my taste in music got better. but i wanted to give them a chance, they were my first taste of *ahem* 'rock' music. now they just need to fade gracefully into the background.

well todays post saw the introduction of three new tags.
and the music i am listening to, is the same music that is used in the Britain's Next Top Model promo on that Living tv channel. i had to do a serious bit of googling to find it.
Tags: diet and exercise, driving, pokémon, world of warcraft
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