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busses and arguments

yes my mum and i braved the busses to show me how to get to swansea on my own. my gosh it was awful. it started out just fine. it's a long journey but that's ok. i like long bus rides. and mooching round town was.. well, exahusing (we spent ages tring to find the Wilkinson store). the journey home was where it all broke down. cause the bus that we had 'paid' to get home on just didn't turn up. and it was getting late so all the busses were begining to stop. in the end we had to go to the big precinct bus stop and just 'look' for one going our way, and then we didn't have enough cash to pay. but thankfully our driver waited for us. bless him. so yeah. it was dark by the time we got home. complete madness.

in other news i have engaged in a childish argument with my uncle.

right, i need someone to recommend a piercer. preferably in swansea. hahaha. i plan to get a vertical madison some time next year and i don't really want to have to travel all the way down to portsmouth to get it.

i am now going to go an make tea and sit in from of the tv ready to watch the next episode of stargate atlantis... i have to know what happens to Michael. (ohmygosh the only reason i watch that stupid star trek enteprise series.. seriously how did someone who looks so normal get to be so cute?)
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