October 31st, 2006

TF deception quote

back.. from outer space

it's back! it's back! my gorgeous domain hath returned!

you are not going to believe what i did yesterday. i broke my ibook. my precious graphite clamshell ibook is no more.
well that's not strictly true. i have gone and wreaked the screen, so in theory i could just get that replaced. is it worth it? they do look great don't they, but are so slow. :cry:

you know what also makes me sad. the Nintendo Wii launches next month. and there is no way i can afford to buy one. just sort of... sucks doesn't it. but i can wait.

well so far today i have been to work. was quite boring. i was 15 minutes late but no one noticed except dave, and he is not likely to tell on me haha.
i have also walked my dog, which she enjoyed.
i was supposed to strip some more wallpaper off my walls today but frankly, i couldn't be bothered, i'm all tired out *emo tears*

i also ate too much chocolate today... Shhh!
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