November 12th, 2006

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early again, i rock!

it's not even eight in the morning yet. woo. though, i think i might write this and then go back to bed for half an hour.
oh i better feed the dogs so they will stop staring at me.

well. i haven't really got any proper news. there is a little upset at work because i have taken over someones job because they took over someone elses job in the cash office (i work in a shop) but now she decided she doesn't like that job and it's all our managers fault. well i understand that cause our manager is a twat, but that's not the point. so there is sort of a divide between staff as to whether i get to keep the job i am doing. i think i should, becuase i like it and i dropped everything at one days notice to start doing those early morning shifts again. but i'm sure that situation will work itself out. the worst that can happen is that she gets her job back and i go back to mine (being a cashier blah). but it's quite nice that i have the deputy manager on my side :)

my diet is going very well. i think i was a tiny bit naughty yesterday but not enought to do any damage so that's good. i managed to loose 2 1/2 lb last week i am sort of hoping i will have lost a tiny bit more this week. i am fairly determined right now. i just go through phases where i can or can't be bothered.

i have also completely made up my mind to get a vertical madison piercing. i did try to find a picture but they are all of the horizontal piercing. i think i will end up going to Skin N Ink in swansea for it. carissa at work recomends them. still i would feel a lot more comfortable going to the piercer that becki (who i knew/know when i lived in portsmouth) goes to. i'll definatly be waiting until the new year to get it anyway. so plenty of time to figure out who i am going to.

oh my pandora has started sleeping under the covers now. hahaha so cute!

in online news, i have decided to merge my blog and my 'collective'. i have also decided that in a few months time, i will not be renewing my reseller account. it's a lot of money and i can't justify it. i am hosting a few domains at the moment so i'll have to let them know soon. ah i think! i am do divided about this one. to be honest i don't want to give up my reseller. i like having it.

oh so much for going back to be for a while. it's taken me an hour to write this.
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