December 6th, 2006

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i hate money

i got a letter 2 weeks ago from my bank, claiming that a loan that i took out back in 2002 was in arrears. that was a problem because the loan was paid off in 2003 and that i hadn't paid anything towards it since. i even took out another loan a couple of years ago to pay for this computer and pay off credit cards and whatnot.
so now me and my mum have been trying to get together all the documentation for this first loan along with bank statements from that year to prove it was paid. we went to the bank this afternoon and an hour later still were no closer to finding out why i (apparently) still owe money and why they took over three years to mention it. at the moment, i have proved nothing definative (the humbers just don't add up!) but a complaint had been sent to 'someone' and they will begin investigating what they hell is going on.
it all gave me a massive headache and forced me to eat pizza and cake. very nice cake.

i am also now attempting to learn german. i know it's not a 'very' practical language to learn, but most countries speak english anyway, and i do like the way german sounds. so yeah, i toyed with the idea of learning japanese or italian for a while but i definatly prefer german. haw haw.

my tamagotchi died. well something was horribly wrong with it anyway. i checked it and it was full hearts on hungry and happy and an hour later Kurai and baby tama had given up their ghosts. so i made a new one a boy called Mika and within the space of two hours i had fed him 8 timeshe had taken a nap and evolved. a bit fast for a normal tama me-thinks. i think when Pandora chewed it she must have broken a connection of some sort and it got bashed around in my pocket enough to go into hyperspeed. and no at no point did i open it up and debug it.

now i am going to go watch stargate *grins* then stargate atlantis *glows* and then criminal intent *adoring doe eyes*. thats three hours of my life sorted.