December 13th, 2006

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could be worse

went to my slimming world group today. i had gained 1 lb. that is brilliant. no really. i have been eating junk for 3 weeks. a couple of times i even substituted lunch for a giant bag of tortilla crisps. i honestly thought i would have gained at least 5 lb. i can almost ignore that 1 lb because (guys look away now) my period just started today, which obviously affects ones weight.
now i have to be back on track though. eating junk food have given me spots again and is making me tired. i would like to loose 7 lb by the end of the year. that would mean i have lost 2 stones. that is achieveable right? yes of course it is.

i was supposed to go to the dentist today, but we couldn't find it. it took us an hour just to get there so we would have been a bit late anyway. in the end we had to give up. we'll have to reschedule our appointments. shame really. cause i know i'm going to need a filling or two.

totally random but. have you seen those adverts for Twinnings tea? the ones with Stephen Fry and 'Tyrone'. don't you get the impression that there is something very dirty going on between them? *giggles*
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