January 23rd, 2007

SGA McShep

Oh i'm just distracted...

so.. WoW seems to be taking up a lot of my online time these days. nothing new there much, I managed to get to level 19 today, yay, one more level and my druid learns cat form and revive.
going to have to get the burning crusade extention, but i am a bit broke at the moment (see next paragraph).

so the bank finally got back to me about this loan that i apparently still had. turns out i do still have some of the balance to pay off. just over £400 to be exact. which makes me very angry, so i'll have to budget that in, leaving me a grand total of... nothing, to go visit michelle with. i'll see what i can work out, but that is properly crap.

pandora gave us quite a scare about a week ago. we gave her and our other dog some rawhide bones, which they loved! but then she got sick, and was throwing up and not eating or drinking, so we were panicing about her having a blockage, which would be a £500 operation to sort out. but pandora started eating and drinking again, i fed her some cooked chicken and she was so much brighter afterwards.
then our other dog got sick in the same way, so either they both had a little blockage and got over it, or they both picked up a bug that made them sick. either way, they won't be eating rawhide bones anymore, just in case.

oh i got a new phone! yes i know.. money troubles, but i have a contract phone, so it was an upgrade becuase mine was nearly dead, the battery wouldn't hold its charge and, due to being dropped, the screen flicked. my new phone the the motorola v3i, HA so pretty much exactly the same as the one i had before, only a little better. although you don't get a delivery report for regular text messages. which is a little annoying.

that windy weather we have been getting, well that did a fair bit of damage, we don't have a garden fence anymore. we already had a bit of the garden fenced off for the dogs, so they can't get out, but there are fence pannels and posts smashed all over the garden (and by 'all over' i mean, there are two piles of them on one side of the garden). next door is a rented house, and we were expecting the occupents to complain about the fence, it's ours, so it's opur resposibility to keep it fixed. but apparently the woman who 'owns' the house next door is paying for the fence to be completely replaced. which is fab!

oh but the most exciting part of my week! i got a haircut! it's a bit shorter now and i got my fringe back haha. it was getting so stupid, my fringe was at my chin, and at the back it was past my shoulder blades. i always tie my hair back, so there is no point in having long hair that i am just going to have to fight with. so now. i just just about put it in a ponytail, but some of the layers are too short to fit in so it looks puffy, so i don't bother.
tomorrow i am going to dye it again (black, as usual) cause my roots are showing something awful!

i don't think there is anything else. although i will share [this] with you. because it is just so cute!
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