February 17th, 2007

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Official WoW Post.

last updated 03.december.08

Realm; stormrage eu


Main: Lucifel - Draenei Shaman.
Shamans are made of awesome.
Professions are Herbalism and Alchemy.
Specializing in Enhancement.

Alt one: Hexiel - Draenei Death Knight.
Brilliant and so OP it's almost boring to play.
Professions are mining and blacksmithing.
Specializing in Unholy.

Alt two: Lexiel - Draenei Paladin
Fun to play.
Professions are mining and engineering.
Specializing in Protection with a few points in Holy and Retribution (in the obvious places)


Main: Starscreåm - Orc Shaman.
what can i say.
Professions are Mining and Engineering.
Specializing in Elemental.
SG-1 daniel is a diva!

all that has happened

oh where to start.
weight loss! i did make it to 2 stones. that week at slimming world, i lost exactly the amount i needed to to reach it. and two weeks later managed to gain 1 1/2 lb Grr. i have been very careful this week though (so far) so i should have sorted that out again.

scandal! next door were broken into about a week ago. no items were stolen, just money. the police reckon the burglers were disturbed by something and ran away.... that would have been me and mum coming in from shopping. we never saw anything though, or heard anything unusual. apparently this is the first burglary in this area for 8 years. so my theory is that next door knew the people who broke in, or were familair with them in some way.

entertaining! i love the hallmark channel. that's quite sad really. but i do. i am currently addicted to Jericho, partly cause it has a cool storyline (though it is a bit slow at times), and partly cause the guy in it looks like johnny depp.

good for the soul! i sent in my college application. i applied for a hairdressing modern apprenticship (for over 19's). i'm really really excited about it and if i don't get a place, or something doesn't work out, i am killing everyone.

fandom! i updated all of my fanlistings at last. about time really.
web design! i am downgrading my hosting in about 4 days. weird.

pierced! i have two weeks off work strating on the 25th. so i will be swanning off to the piercer to get that surface piercing i wanted. horay.

i'm sure there was more. i just can't think of it now.