February 27th, 2007

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For two weeks!

I have two weeks off work. it's so great. I'm pretty sure i'll be bored before long. for now though, i'll enjoy doing nothing.

i have been sent a letter from swansea college telling me i have an interview on the 11th april. *squee!* which is brilliant, and a wednesday. might have to go shopping, i don't think i have any clothes suitable for a college interview anymore... yeah i know. it's not like i'm applying for a job, but i still need to look the part.

The Devil Wears Prada is a really good movie. as it turns out. i didn't expect to like it cause i'm not usualy into girly movies. but yeah, very cool.

the jury is still out on V for Vendetta. i like it on principle, dark conspiracy thing going on, and V is so brilliantly twisted/charming/camp/murderous but boy can he talk. lots of dialogue not much action. but maybe that was what made the movie a bit different. i'll watch it again just to be sure.

it's funny how easy it is to get out of bed when you don't actually 'have' to.
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