April 14th, 2007

TF deception quote

Putting it off too long.

I have put of posting for ages. Not because i don't want to or because i have nothing to write about, but because, the longer you put it off, the longer the entry will take to write... so the longer you put it off. Gah!

ok, the big news. we have another puppy. a female jack russell called Poppy. she is my mums dog, because she wanted a dog of her own to cuddle and our other little dog, sophie just wasn't filling that role. haha. i'll post a picture when i have got the ones off my phone. i have some cute group photos on that.

our neighbour was arrested a few weeks ago, but was let off with a caution after she stole the identity of the person who lived in the house before she did, and was ordering stuff from catalogs and whatnot. i know and work with the person who used to live ther so i got all the gossip about that. we have nicknamed my neighbour; The Balaclava. ok we have never seen her wear one, true, but she is a thief, and, i think i wrote about it... her house was burgled a while back, and we believe the burglary was staged now, clearly she isn't above fraud, so yeah, The Balaclava.

11 more days until my college interview. i have ordered new jewellery, now i just need an outfit. *dies* i hate clothes shopping. finding something in my size, that i like, that looks good.. well i haven't bothered with that for a very long time... what do i do!?
speaking of size, i buggered up my diet something terrible the last few weeks. but i am back on track now. i have one more day of my chocolate detox to go. i already don't really crave chocolate, but i think if someone offered me some i would probably crumble. one more day and i'll be ok. Agh! see what a serious business this dieting business is!

I have been playing world of warcraft a lot the last couple of weeks. my shaman is now about to ding lvl 34. i have been promoted to joint leader (with 3 others) of my guild (which has been renamed in the process) and, and the only person who's main character is a shaman, i am shaman leader, leader of a grand total of 0 hahaha.
i am getting on very well with my shaman. i prefer an axe/shield setup, but i'll try duel weilding when i can (7 more lvls to go for that!). i also enjoy the fact that most groups, don't expect the shaman to heal unless its an emergency (or the group is full of demanding rude individuals). i like to think that with a bit more practice, i would make a fair tank. i read somewhere that the rockbiter weapon enchant generates more threat than the others, anyone know if thats true? time to research me thinks.
i have also learned important in-game lessons, the main one being, if someone asks you for help, make them explain exactly what they want help with. if they answer with "kill this plz" run, run away and never look back. :D
you know it's kind of sad when you have more of a life online than you do offline. but that's just how it's working at the moment which brings me full circle really, my college interview. as soon as i am where i want to be, i can start living a life again.

i am going to need to be able to drive. oh why haven't i done that yet?!