April 28th, 2007

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Small things

I have hardly anything new to say.
i have another college interview. the letter is here, in front of me. Wednesday 9th may at 1:00. don't let me forget!...

my madison piercing seems ok so far. it's been 10 days. two days ago it was looking awesome, it wasn't red or sore or anything. but it's getting a little sore now. that might be because i slept on it funny, or because on my way back from work a lorry sprayed dust all over me (unintentionally - it was a very dry day and the roads are 'dusty'). so i am keeping a close eye on it, i'm really nervous of it rejecting. i have never had any problems with any of my other piercings, but, eh, i can't help but worry.
i have been cleaning it with salt water, and putting a tea tree oil solution on it, which it seems to like. heh, i have never looked after a piercing this well before.

because of my college interview i have been thinking about my hair again, gosh, when do i 'not' think of my hair? i was contemplating dreadlocks for a while, but after a serious amount of reading (♥♥♥)i think that would be a bad idea for me, for lots of different reasons. i would however like to try my hand as synthetic dreads.. it would take a shocking amount of practice, but i reckon i could make and install them myself. first steps first though, shop around online for suitable hair to practice on.

(mental note, make appointment at hairdressers... before my fringe consumes my face completely)

see, it's all about my hair!

in online news. i am in the middle of creating two new designs for nocturnal.nu. one is basically a remake of a really old design, because i have no creativity these days. the other is also a remake of an old design, but, a bit better with more details. i think the second design is 'better' if i can get it to look ok. the first features Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary (i am returning to me roots :D) the other features, real people. maybe when i'm done, i'll post both for criticism.