May 1st, 2007

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i have uploaded the new design for [nocturnal]
it's not finished. i have an insane amount of tweaking to do.
like the navigation? (yes the little boxes top left) i was going for form not function.
i still have so much work to do. i have to rearrange every page so the title 'classed' properly. and i know a load of the content is out of date or just rubbish and in need of a good deleting. i want to center the whole design... which is a horrible thing, because there are two backgrounds - one is the official background image the other is a div set to 100% width and a background image. i'm going to have to switch them over.
can you absolutely position things from the center? i think you can. but the main header would be off center (the actual center being 0px and anything before being -??px and anything after being ??px.
gah, so it's all going to be very specific. which might not work with other screen resolutions/browsers.

who's idea what it for me to make a complicated layout eh? the other one was soo very simple, this one i have to absolutely position everything and fuss with z-indexes and a million different background images. i'm half tempted to give up on this design. i don't like it as much as i did this morning anyway.

well i'll leave it there.
this post was pretty much me thinking to myself. it's written down now, so i wont forget what i was planning to do tomorrow.
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