May 2nd, 2007

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Oh noes!

my madison piercing has pus! nooooo!
i forgot to clean it this morning before i went to work. and when i got there it was looking a little crusty and felt a little itchy (though the itchiness could well have been psychological). i didn't feel comfortable leaving it till i got in at lunch time so i bought some TCP and cotton buds to clean it with. possibly not the best thing to have used, but there was nothing else that would have been suitable. either way, it did the trick. i gave it a good clean with salt water when i got home and thats when i realized it was getting skanky. i think i did a pretty good job of cleaning it up. and it doesn't feel 'sore' so maybe that's just normal.
i'm also not particularly happy with the bar in it. it's a proper surface bar and everything, but one side seems to stick up more than the other, and it's not because of my skin, one side is slightly longer than the other. so i'll probably end up going back to have the bar changed when it's all healed.

and in other ground breaking news. i had a grey hair. no seriously. i was looking at my roots thinking that they need colouring and there it was, one hair much, much lighter than the others. way to light be be my natural colour. so yeah.. i'm like. old. i'm 23 in 3 months...
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Music Rant

eh well this has been bugging me for some time. so i'm going to write about it.

in my opinion. all music is perfectly valid music.
it's ok to like any genre of music you want to.
which idiot decided that, unless music comes from the heart and is all meaningful, or written by the artist performing it, that it's not real music and therefor bad.
that's rubbish.
i don't like Britteny Spears' music. but that doesn't mean is isn't music. it doesn't mean that no one else should like it, and it defiantly doesn't give me the right to ponce about saying it's crap and then bullying people when they disagree.
dislike an artist, sure. be rude and insulting, telling people who hate or love the artist that they should die (!!)... for their taste in music?. what is that? what is that all about?

i find that elitist, condemning attitude just revolting.

there that's me done. this rant was prompted by a frankly insane bitch fight between a green day fan and a linkin park fan. fools.
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