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May 15th, 2007 - Black Holes and Revelations — LiveJournal
geekyness alert

my Shaman just dinged to lvl 40. she can now duel wield (using an axe and a dagger at the moment) and wear mail armor which means i don't 'need' the shield anymore (i got used to the armor the shield gave me and found that i lost health faster without it, which i didn't like). so yeah. woo!

i also have a migraine. i have had it since 1:00 pm yesterday and i still have it (34 hours later). painkillers dull the pain a bit, but dizziness is always there and the fuzzy hearing and sight sort of goes on and off. luckily i only feel sick with it when the pain killers wear off and that's taking 6 hours so i can just take more by then. i have had to take my very first sick day at work today because of it. a year and a half i went without being too ill to work. seems a shame to ruin that.

ooh also, my madison piercing is clearing up. it's not pussy anymore. i have been taking a course penicillin for it and thats definitely doing the trick.

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