May 25th, 2007

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i'm not going to be doing a hairdressing apprenticeship anymore.
i'll be doing all my learning at college :D September 07 i will be an actual student again. do you have any idea how insanely exciting this is!
the bus route is proving to be a problem though. welsh buses are fucking awful. i mean really rubbish.
i'm sure there is a way round it.

so yeah, my epic migraine last week. i couldn't eat for several days so i lost weight. and i can't drink milk anymore, or eat egg or mushrooms. for some reason. haha. the milk i understand. i cup of tea made me sick so the taste of milk is gross now. but mushrooms?
yeah i would rather not have a headache like that again.

i need to go cut the grass in a bit. and it wouldn't kill me to do some cleaning either.

i am still getting all the pages of Nocturnal sorted out. i have a lot of re-organizing to do :D
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