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Black Holes and Revelations
ok for starters have you seen the trouble livejournal (actually i don't think it's all lj's fault) is causing within 'fandom'? ok i don't know all the details because it doesn't really concern me. but it seems a lot of journals and communities have been suspended because they contain thing pertaining to illegal activity. the journals that i have seen affected are all fanfiction and fanart based, where said illegal activities are fictitious and therefor, as i understand, should never have been suspended. personally i am a complete coward and will neither condone nor condemn any of it. but there are a few that i will miss if livejournal, or whoever, decide to keep them locked up.

i am going to slimming world today for my 'weigh in'. yay *dies* i'm not really expecting to have lost anything this week, though i have hope. i still can't drink milk, so i'm saving a lot of calories there. on the other hand, i ate biscuits yesterday and a packet of mints the day before, not much, but enough to ruin my diet.
though i also exercised just walks with my dog but they were pretty hard work anyway. ah ignore me, i'm just trying to convince myself it will be ok. haha!

i should be going to see PotC 3 after slimming world, depend if my mum gets back from work early or not. i have heard good and bad reviews of it, so we'll see.

i have half an hour before i have to go shower and do some tidying up. cause the washing in the spare room ain't gonna sort itself!

i am thinking of changing my lj layout a bit. i can't be bothered creating something myself. i have no idea how to do it but i found a nice premade i can edit a bit. might get that up later on.
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