June 11th, 2007

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Quite a long post ahead

I know it's been ages since i posted.
i missed the new episode of Doctor Who last Saturday cause i had to work. caught the repeat on Sunday though which was good cause it was a brilliant episode. spent the rest of the evening wondering what our stone dragon in the front garden gets up to when i'm not looking.

it was really hot yesterday i did a pretty good job of the summer goth look, mostly cause i had to go into work to find out when i am working this week and i figured i might as well pretend i don't 'always' look as skanky as i do when i am working. it's almost a shame it's so overcast today, it's been raining on and off all day, which for me, is great cause it gets me out of cutting the grass. but did mean i didn't leave the house except to feed the fish (how social am i?!).

for the last few days i have been awesome on my diet, i mean properly awesome. i have eaten loads of fruit (loads by my standards right..) and i haven't been using all my syns every day. i think the most i used was 13 on saturday. not drinking very much milk has made dieting quite a bit easier. i'm hoping i have lost 2lb this week (i gained 1/2 lb last week to i have to make up for that as well). wish me luck for Wednesdays weigh in :D

i have decided that i hate the design i have up on nocturnal.nu it's rubbish. it's too big and the navigation is irritating. so now i am working on a new design oh and guess what, it's a side scrolling design. ha! remember years ago when they were really popular? i had almost forgotten about them, then i was surfing about looking at shoes (as you do..) and i found this site; Irregular Choice - which by the way has some gorgeous shoes. that's saying something because i am not particularly into shoes. but anyway, back to the point. nocturnal. i'll be going back to greyscale, because i love it so much. possibly with green, like my lj layout, because i do like things to match.
i have also finished switching my fanlistings over to the enthusiast script. that makes my life a lot easier. though it took me a few days to add all the members for the Michael list ended up removing 19 members that had broken email addresses.
i also switched my Quilting Bee quilt to the MyQuilt admin script. also easier then adding patches manually :D

i have cut my world of warcraft play time down to weekend only i was spending a little too much time playing and not enough time sorting my websites and doing that other thing.. you know the thing you do when your not at your computer... though i broke my own rule today to ding to level 41. i'm still questing in desolace, i took a break to finish up a few in the swamp of sorrows. trouble is, now that i'm only playing at weekends, leveling is even slower. ah well.

i just cleaned my madison piercing and there was no pus. yey. it looks like the reason it's struggling to heal is because the bar is too long now. the angles in the bar don't fit in the skin evenly anymore. i read that i should expect something like this. so i'm ordering a new bar online in a sec. i'm a bit worried about changing it, not sure how it's going to work. i 'should' go see a piercer.. but haha i have no way of getting there.

i have to go walk Pandora. she came into season a couple of days ago (oh noes!) so she is feeling rather sorry for herself and needing cuddles. bless her :D