June 13th, 2007

TF deception quote

breaking the rules!

so i totally broke my own 'no playing WoW on a weekday' rule today but playing it... all day. well nearly all day.
i decided to go for a complete change because i am a little bored with questing my shaman in desolace (oh yes, i'm still there). so i have rolled a troll priest (on the spinebreaker realm) and creatively named him (yes 'him' man trolls ftw) Lucifel. you know i quite like being a priest. i kept forgetting that i was only lvl 10 so i kept running way to close to mobs thinking they'll ignore me and getting almost killed, because of course without ghost wolf i can't out run them either XD. i also completely took for granted the shamans earth shock. i really 'really' miss being able to stop mobs from casting evil upon me!
i was however really chuffed to bits when, while i was a lowly lvl 7, another lvl 10 priest asked to duel me. i accepted because i'm silly like that, and i totally nearly won. afterwards the other person said i was a good priest *glows* for all i know he was a newbie, but we'll ignore that yes?
i probably won't play with this priest 'seriously' i just wanted a change, but it makes me seriously think about rolling a draenei priest on Twisting Nether (yes another draenei - i know their lvl 1-20 quests like the back of my hand by now so at least it won't take me long).
for the time being i think i will level Priest!Lucifel to level 20. that way i can get a feel for the class properly and maybe be the healer in a group. then i'll go back to Shaman!Lucifel and finish her quests in *shudder* desolace.
i also briefly played about with a warlock yesterday. we didn't get on all that well, i don't like minions, they are like hunter pets, and i'm just not good enough at the game to keep track of what a second character is doing.

oh yeah, went to slimming world today, i lost 1 1/2 lb this week. crap. i was hoping for 2 lb so i am a bit annoyed. ah well, i'm just going to try harder and aim to have lost 2 lb next week.