July 12th, 2007

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warcraft ramblings

someone please tell my druid that she is fired. admittedly i'm not used to playing with a caster, but my level 26 druid got herself pwned by a level 26 orc shaman faster than she could cast her first spell.
i decided to have a little play with my druid simply because i wanted to see if i could make a decent healer. i never got the chance to try, i need to sort out her armor before i inflict myself upon a group of other players.

i was considering my playstyle last night. i seem to operate much better when i'm working on my own. i was doing some casual questing with a mage 2 days ago and i found that no matter how hard i tried i could not keep the aggro on me. true this was made harder by the fact that we were killing water elementals, who are resistant to frost shock, so maybe i would have been ok otherwise. but every battle, two hits in the mob would head straight for the mage. either this was due to my fault, or shamans just can't tank. in the end i aimed to do as much possible damage in the shortest time so by the time the mob wandered off away from me, he was pretty much finished anyway. still, i found it frustrating. at least the mage didn't mind :)
since i managed to get the Stormstrike attack (from my talents) my fight sequence has changed a bit and i'm taking out mobs much faster now, Stormstrike, other than doing damage with both dagger at the same time, also increases the amount of damage my next earth shock and lightning shield hit does by quite a bit.
I rely a fair bit on critical hits, not the best plan really, but i have +agility on nearly all my armor and the Grace of Air totem is a big help! because of Flurry and Duel Wield, when i crit, i get increased attack speed, and the more often i can hit, the more likely i am to crit again or better still or do x3 damage with windfury and hit the mob with my lightning shield (and the cycle begins again).

i have noticed that since hitting level 45 i am getting invited to help PuGs going to the lowbie instances. to be honest i have no problem whatsoever going, it's nice to have the break sometimes. i have also learned when to walk away from a group. though do find it quite difficult explaining to some players that just because i can rezz doesn;t mean i can do it as soon as you die, because the chances are the whole lot have gone and died and i have to finish of those 5 elites that mage went and aggroed knowing full well that the main healer had already been killed (for the love of god there is a time and a place for AoE and a small room with lots of mobs is not it!). not that that situation has 'ever' happened to me hahaha. actually i can't complain, i got a bit of loot out of the whole experience, and they were all polite, except for the healer who felt the need to have a go at the tank for not 'tanking' the boss properly, when the boss was 7 levels higher than the tank - it must have been resisting all her attacks! the warrior eventually left and i felt the need to /w her to say "bye" and that i thought she did a good job of tanking. no one needs to feel bullied out of a group.
though admittedly tackling a boss 7 levels higher than yourself was a bit mad, that boss owned us all.

ok enough warcraft babble. time to go check my auctions then think about writing a proper 'life stuff' post.