July 13th, 2007

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minor stuffs

Mum took me to the college at the beginning of the week to check up on 1. my course info - what i was going to need for it and 2. whether i am able to get any financial help while i am a student. it looks like mum earns too much for me to be eligible for full financial support, meaning i am going to have to pay for my kit, uniform and transport all myself. though the bus pass is automatically at a reduced rate. the kit and uniform are going to cost me just under £300 eek. i will get a little assistance money wise, all of £400 per term that really isn't a lot. ha. but its better then nothing i suppose.
the college told me that i would receive the price list for all the stuff i would need in the post, and i did. it's actually really cool. it sort of, confirms that its really happening, i really am going to college :)

diet wise, these last two weeks i have properly bolloxed it up! i gained 2 1/2 lb last week and this week.. well i don't know, i didn't go in the end. i know i gained, so whats the point in going? i'm seriously thinking of just taking a break from going to slimming world. because i am not losing weight. through no fault of the diet mind you. i just can't do it. my day will start so positively and then i'll be sat at lunch or on my break at work, suddenly realise that i'm eating a chocolate bar! and that i managed to buy it and eat half before it even occured to me that i 'shouldn't'. its just silly. why does food have to be so psychological? why can't i just eat to live rather than obsess over what i am or am not eating ALL the time?
well as of this afternoon (yeah i'm not even going to wait till tomorrow to start) i am going to be healthy again. i'll exercise when i get in from work and i am having a healthy dinner. you can come round and beat me up if i don't.

my new gadget of the week is our new sky+ box. hooray. i didn't think i would need it, but being able to pause live tv is actually really useful. i have already used it to record something (the new episode of House last night) for my mum to watch this evening. and i'll be using it on monday to record The Shining while i am watching Life on Mars. damn. it's so sad that being able to record stuff is so exciting to me! haha

sharon at work suggested something coll the other day. where i have taken out my madison piercing i have a horizontal line scar on my throat now. which i don't mind in the slightest, though people do stare at it when they talk to me (better than having my boobs stared at i suppose). anyway, sha suggested i get the same piercing vertically through the first scar, so when i inevitably had to take it out, i would have a + shaped scar on my throat. i laughed... then seriously considered it. ha. i'm not going to, not really, to much hassle but it's a pretty neat idea.

i also own
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only i took the strap off cause it looks silly. :)