July 16th, 2007

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teeth and hair

i have two little teeth sat on my computer desk right now. two little teeth belonging to a rather cute puppy called Small. :)
i am rather gutted that i never got any of Panda's teeth when she was younger. but most dogs just swallow them so it's not really surprising.
i better put these little teeth (her two front canines) in a safe place.

i passed my table where i do my hair on my way to get lunch. i gave my dead ghds a sad stare x_x i can't bring myself to throw them away yet.
why does everything have to cost quite so much money? actally i have no problem spending £90 on new hair straighteners, but why do they have to break now? when i have loads of other stuff i have to buy?
i gonna have to borrow a couple of hundred pound of mum this month.

i also got a letter from the doctor last week to see the psychiatric nurse. hooray. i am 50/50 about whether i want to go. i'll get an appointment anyway, but i damn well won't be happy about it.

also, i had a revelation about my glasses. if i am a student, do i get the lenses free? i know i used to when i was younger. i just wonder if i am still eligible to get free once i start college. google was being unhelpful so i couldn't confirm it online anywhere. i might ask in the opticians when i get my hair cut on friday.

there was something else i was going to write about, but i can't think what it is now. i'll add that this evening when i remember.