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July 19th, 2007 - Black Holes and Revelations
really epic point number one!
two days till Book 7. i'll be buying it from the co-op where i work during my shift, and spending the next two days i have off reading it - i'll sleep when i'm done.

really epic point number two!
i went to see Order of the Phoenix yesterday. i was going to write about it when i got in, but in the end, didn't. all my thoughts under the cut, spoilers and whatnot.

Deep down, you know you deserve to be punished.Collapse )

overall, i didn't leave the cinema going "wow, wicked movie!" but the more i think about it, the more it is growing on me and i am appreciating it more. i gotta go see it again now.

i'm going to play warcraft for a while tonight and a bit tomorrow, then i plan to avoid the world for the next few days while i read the last Harry Potter book.l god help anyone who spoils me while i am at work on saturday...


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