July 28th, 2007

TF deception quote

money, games, and the meaning of life.

i have paid for my hairdressing kit for college! done, sorted. no longer a giant weight on my brain. i can also just about afford the uniform as well which is brilliant. but i haven't sent the order form for that yet. i need to get a move on :(
my bus pass will have to wait for now. until i am pain in a few weeks. then the easiest thing will be to go to the college and sort that, rather than mail the application to them.

i am so glad it is all falling into place.

my shaman is very close to level 50 now. i should make it by the end of the month (by monday if i am very good).
my alchemy skill is at 289 hooray, and as long as i can get my hands on the mats i can make some pretty decent potions :)
my herbalism is maxed out at 300. i think i have to wait till i am in outland to get it higher than that.
*sigh* 9 more levels to go before i can go through the portal :)
i had wicked fun yesterday with a run through some of Dire Maul with mckee and madds (plus a mage and shammy i didn't know). it's way out of my league, and i was such a menace! the mobs could see me a mile off and 80-90% of my attacks were resisted. so i resigned myself to healing, which wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. but then everyone except me was pretty high level so there was a bit less for me to do. either way, i enjoyed healing, so once my enhancement shaman has hit 70 i might just go ahead and roll a resto shaman. yes i know, two shamans. not smart. we'll see.
after everyone was done with dire maul mckee and madds took me to the SM. i got my last quest there done and dusted. earning myself a shiny new dagger.

two nights ago, me and mckee rolled two undeads on runetotem. we only played to level 7 or so before getting distracted. i think we spent at least 3 hours just chatting about meaning of life stuff. life philosophies and beliefs. it was brilliant. i haven't had a conversation like that in years.
i'll try and write more about that some time.