August 6th, 2007

SG-1 daniel is a diva!

a hairdresser and a healer

i received a letter a couple of days ago about getting financial assistant from the college. it turns out, they have changed the rules and i am now eligible for the full amount. meaning i will get my kit, uniform and bus pass all paid for, and some money each week. this is an immense thing. means i will be saving myself £500.
i have to go down to the college to get my application for the help approved, and probably get my bus pass photo taken.

my recent warcraft activity has been mostly running though strat with beetlebugbecki, mckee92 and devilwolf666. which has been brilliant. i am totally useless in there cause the mobs are resisting pretty much all of my attacks. so i have been falling back to healing. i have been surprised at how much i have enjoyed it! i spent my early warcraft life refusing to heal unless i really was the only person available. as it turns out it really is fun, and apparently i'm not too bad at it. haha.
i have also enjoyed a wonderful birthday. members of my guild bought me some wonderful gifts. i'm not going to say who, or what. just in case someone else actually reads this and decides to spam them with begging. i don't know if that sort of thing would happen on warcraft, but it does on neopets (you never talk about you're wealth on neo cause you are guaranteed to be begged and spammed) so i shall be careful. still, it's really great.

not really a lot else going on at the moment.
i have really messed up my diet something rotten. i think i have gained half a stone again. unfortunately due to a serious lack on funds i can't go to slimming world anymore. and it is really hard to stick to healthy eating when you don't have to weigh yourself.
and poisonedwarf should be visiting tomorrow. hooray. time to shop and eat pizza, and just generally be silly :D