August 22nd, 2007

TF deception quote


ok. i promise a real post later on. but here is something quickly. in list form, because i am lazy.

1. i am still in love with the transformers movie.
2. there has been guild 'drama' of sorts on warcraft.
3. i miss my shaman, but you know what, being a priest isn't that bad :) (a lot more on this later)
4. college starts in like 11 days. and i am shitting a brick because of it.
5. i am doing anything and everything possible to avoid doing the trial bus run this afternoon. but i have to do it...
6. i want to move out in a years time. someone give me a full time hairdressing job with only level 2 and place to go. plzkthx. (more on this later)
7. i nearly shut down my domain ( then didn't.
8. i am stiiiill in love with the transformers. how do i get it out of my head?! (i promise not to bore you with this)
9. my diet is messed up completely. i have gained like, 9lb. i can't afford to go to group anymore, and all i want to do is eat cake. i have to get a grip on this. i am just failing, and it's stupid and unnecessary. (just kill me now)
10. i have been ill with a cough/cold. but it's going now. hooray.
11. there was other stuff. but my brain wont focus.