September 4th, 2007

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first two days

and thus completes my first two days of college.
its ok. the buses are just awful. took me two hours to get home today.
my class is cool. i haven't really *bonded* with anyone, but after two days, who has.
there is now two guys in the class (which shouldn't surprise me, but it does) one also plays warcraft. i haven't got his server/character name though. we did have a very short chat about it, which was a bit surreal actually. i occasionally chat about the game to my mum but not 'properly' and i usually use very general terms and description, usually when she asks if i am the character that's dead or something. (speaking of dead, i have more warcraft stuff to write about, in my next post).

so yeh, college seems ok. i am in in the mornings of monday, all day tuesday and wednesday and in the evening on thursday. leaving me friday, saturday and sunday to work. i want to work on monday evenings really. instead of sunday (or another day). and i think i shall keep thurday morning free for.. catching up on all the sleep i am going to lose. haw haw.
this week is going to be more of the same inane crap. filling out forms doing tests to tell me what i already know..
today i battled with the bus for an hour and a half to get to college and then for two hours to get home, for what? to be sat in front of a computer and do a test that told me that i am quite good at english. no really? *blank stare*
i can't see why we didn't do that yesterday, infact, the whole thing, while laid back, has been so slow! i don't need the same thing repeated to me, and if it is repeated please just tell it like it is, without all the 'uncertainty'. i swear it took an hour to sort the timetable.. she had a copy and we had to copy it out by hand *cough*PHOTOCOPIER?*cough*
and while i am being generally grumpy about how things are done and my tutor. today she insisted on calling one of the other students, her PR cause she knew a lot about the college. her words "i've got a PR, you're like my secretary!" and she said it like, 5 times!! and every time i was sat there thinking 'A' it's PA... its a fucking 'A'!!!!!oMGzzz!11one! lol. but at least i had a giggle about it.

i think i have grumps because i haven't had nearly enough sleep. i haven't had to work so hard or think so much for years, i'll get used to it, everyone does. but its weird, and really cool.
TF deception quote

and all i could do was laugh.

Ha. i forgot how to play my shaman.
yep. i'm level 53 and i thought, yeh i'll do a bit of killing in felwood. i have rep to grind and i want the next level before i transfer.
totally wiped on a level 54 furblog.
i couldn't for the life of me remember what i should do.
and as my health went down i was thinking, woah ok, time to shield and heal! oh noes! no shield, no way to stop the mob from killing me. what do i do? hahaha! it all came flooding back after i died, but oh the embarrassment!
it was also nice to see my flametonge weapon enchant crit for 205. i have never seen it crit that high. but nothing else, other than windfury was going on. ah daggers. how i miss thee. i like to see all the damage numbers go up.
also had to remind myself what all my totems did.
i think i can officially say, i like shaman and priest equally. but i wouldn't switch the two. i have a horde shammy, but i don't think i'll level him 'seriously' and i probably will never bother with an alliance priest (did try a while back, but i eventually deleted her).
i also discovered that i don't like healing on my priest but healing on my shaman is cool (neither are resto/holy spec.. yet).

playing on a pvp realm was also quite funny. as i was killing the furblogs there was a troll hunter doing the same. he was ignoring me which was fair enough. but, the mortal peril! i could have been zapped into oblivion anytime. i'll almost miss it... almost.

well the point of this entry was mainly to laugh me failing to play shaman after spending so long with priest. and that is done.