January 11th, 2008

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not a lot

well it's been what? a month since i posted last. not an awful lot has happened but you wouldn't expect that from me anyway.

xmas came and went without incident. though i did go out with the girls from college on our last day of term. that was a laugh! well all met up at college for a buffet in the salon (there was no lesson or clients) most of us got makeovers (i was left feeling very girly which is quite alien to me haha), then we all taxied into town. i live so far away from everywhere that i had to leave at about 10pm cause mum was picking me up. all the buses that go from swansea to where i live actually stop at about 6:30. how damed useless is that?

i have renewed enthusiasm for hairdressing and am catching up with my 'skills' so thats all good. thank god. I was so close to quitting and i would have hated myself for that, now i am thinking i might invest in a better pair of scissors :D

i have a load of time booked off in feb and march so i am hoping to travel down to portsmouth, but at the moment i'm not sure i have anywhere to stay. i will be really gutted if i don't go. it'll have been nearly two and a half years since i moved. i really have an itch to go back, though i am expecting a culture shock again.

i'm downloading the score from the transformers movie as i write this /geek
i have a little collection of transformers toys growing on my desk here i'll be adding the voyager class Blackout and Scorponok to that collection soon, and i really need to hunt down a G1 style Starscream.
eventually i'll be over this silliness. but no time soon.

i have been eating healthily for a week and a half now. i decided not to do an all out diet because i fail at those. i have lost 5lb. i would love to take credit for all of that but i've been ill the last couple of days and off my food haha. there is the 'flu' going around here. and i got it i think. normally i really really hate when people call a cold or even a bad cold the flu cause its totally different. but i had the proper flu symptoms, i got in from college curled up on the sofa with my quilt and couldn't move. every muscle and joint hurt so much. but then two days later and it's gone! i still cough a lot but no headache or anything.
at least i was properly and genuinely ill :) i took the day off college and i didn't have to fake of exaggerate anything. not that i ever do that.

in warcraft news. i am really angry at my paladin. i tried all morning to complete the last 'big' quest in the draenei starting area (ending their world) and i still can't do it on my own. all the other characters i have done this quest with have never needed the recommended 2 players to finish it, so what the hell is wrong here? maybe i just play badly?
so in the end i joined a run through the DM. and was assigned the job of healer. which also made me angry but i did ok. the priest only had to back me up a few times..... yes really. the priest who can heal a lot more than me faster than me wouldn't so it, cause she was shadow spec. i hate when people try to pull that bullshit. so i didn't heal her at all. unless i thought i might need her to rez me because out tank wasn't tanking all that well (not really badly, i have no complaints, in fact it might have just been that people weren't watching their aggro). i'm thinking of resetting my talents and going 100% prot. i so want to tank.. so much.

also, i love my icon. i didn't make it (credit is on the icons page) but it is the sex anyway.