February 1st, 2008

TF deception quote

not bad, i say

i have to stop eating chocolate. i 'had' lost half a stone. i probably put that back on now. darn it.
though on the plus side i am ill again and therefore have no appetite. i gotta take advantage of this :)

the design for nocturnal.nu was finished a while back. i have rewritten a fair bit of the content, and have a few things to add to my portfolio and i plan to add a Closed Portfolio of things i have made just for me but are still display worthy.

i haven't done a warcraft ramble for a while, but some fab things have happened recently so here goes.
my shammy hit 63. yes i know. slooow! but i have been messing about in lowbie areas and helping guildies and farming recently so that's my excuse.
i joined a pug for scholomance 2 days ago, and excluding guild runs, it was the single best run i have ever been on. at first there was me (shammy), two locks, a dps warrior and a hunter. i was healing, and apparently did a great job of it. we wiped a lot (6-7 times) because of bad pulls and accidental aggro, but we learned from it, and i only had to run back 2 times from the graveyard between the two locks soulstoning me and my reincarnation. we were all really chatty and good natured about everything which is so refreshing. the hunter was a bit useless and he left pretty early anyway, he was replaced with a resto shaman. which meant i got to shine as dps, which i did by topping the meters by a fair bit :)
by then most of us were at 0 durability so we hearthed, repaired and resummoned in shifts (never been in a group that was willing to do that!).
then, and this is the bit that really tickled me. i started to get whispers from the group saying i healed better then the resto shaman. that really made my day. i was worried about my healing just cause i don't get a chance to heal in groups that are the same level as me very much. i even set up my action bar so i could use keybindings for my heals, normally i am a bit rubbish with using the keyboard, but using keys to cast and the mouse to target worked out really well.
it was great, we finished the run, i made new friends, i learned a lot about threat management, and learned that i love healing, oh and topped the dps despite the 10 minute bit where i only had one dagger and my armor was dead :)
it was one of those rare moments where the game was really properly fun to play.

ok enough geeky waffling, time to find lunch, and sort my hair out, and think seriously about my website.