February 17th, 2008

TF deception quote


ok quick ninja post because i must but really cant focus on writing at the moment.

i visited portsmouth last tuesday and got back friday and had a ace time. i loved spending time with becki and michelle, i just wish i had given myself more time to spend with my gran too. (actually just more time in general would have done).
beetlebugbecki has got me addicted to 24. and gave me one lonesome little dread. suddenly i like the idea of having dreads :)
me and michelle have resolved to call each other every day otherwise we tend to just stop talking and then have loads to catch up in when we do start talking again hehe.
my shaman is level 65, 80% till 66. i have nearly a full set of healing gear - some if it is leather and cloth :( but who cares really.

oh and here's some word association
  1. Passport :: photo

  2. Small world :: planet (ooh original)

  3. Radio :: toaster (yeh you know, charatcers from the Brave little Toaster movie...)

  4. Marine :: manta ray

  5. Wall :: brick

  6. Wanna be :: grey (errm..)

  7. Pigtails :: pink

  8. Hyphen :: -

  9. 9.99 :: emergency number (i disregard the decimal)

  10. Unrated :: no gold stars (you know, like they have on amazon)

from Subliminal