March 20th, 2008

TF deception quote

can't talk. reading.

oookay. change of plan. i'm 'not' leaving college. one term left. i need to work hard to finish my work on time.
i have homework to finish over the weekend then that's all the assignments out of the way. /cry

i have lots a bit of interest in playing warcraft. its the gold grind for my epic flying skill.
although that firefly vanity pet dropped for me today which is very nice. no i will not be keeping it. i'd rather have my little sporebat (that i don't have yet cause i am still working of my sporeggar rep)
warcraft wont let me log on again now. well thats ok. the server was having a hissy fit earlier on anyways.

oh dear. i have so little to say its not even funny.
i'm going to go back to reading now. i finished reading Feet of Clay (terry pratchett) pretty quick. i found that book really good but very sad. the whole golem situation was very tragic, and i know it was supposed to be kind of light hearted, but i couldn't help but get upset and certain parts of the story. well i have moved on to Men at Arms now. another 'Watch' related story which is a shame cause i'm not keen on the Vimes charatcer and when its about regular people Death isn't in it enough for my liking.