March 25th, 2008

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random, but irritated

you know what really annoys me. when your reading something and the author or writer blames any nonsense, bad spelling, and general crappyness on 'being ill' or the 'flu medication' or 'being feverish' and that they are sorry for what their mind might come up with while under the influence of said things.
no really! if your 'that' sick you need to get the hell off the internet.
if they said, 'i'm tired and sick and my typing is sloppy and i can't be bothered to correct it', then that would be ok, it's honest.
but really, it's not clever to write anything silly and then go blaming an illness like flu for giving you a delusional mind (their words not mine). if it was really the flu, you wouldn't even be able to sit at your computer.
what you have is a mild cold, and your medication is probably bog standard ibuprofen and being silly to show off that you're ill is not cool.

ok that's my bitchfest done.
also, wordpress is a pain in the ass. i wonder if movabletype is any easier?
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