March 26th, 2008

TF deception quote


i have spent the last week or so eating junk food. and now i feel like crap. serves me right really.
but why? why the hell did i eat so much sugar and fatty food? i know it's bad for me. i know it gives me spots, makes me gain weight, makes me tired and lethargic. what is so hard about 'not' eating junk? my relationship with 'food' is so warped. logic, common sense, and reason have no place here.

in warcraft news. battlegrounds are fun. who knew. my shaman doesn't do 'too' badly. i die a lot, but i do fair damage, i'm usually about the middle on the ranking board thingie. whatever that means. i'm going to have to mess about with my UI again, since the new patch, i can't seem to see cooldowns anymore. so i have to click a lot. maybe, maube i should consider slinking back to the default ui for a but? i don't want to, i like my pretty interface. but if i can see my icons clearer and will be better at fighting/healing. then it might be worth it..

i have been playing on my old druid (the first toon ever) on a pvp realm, and you know what, its fun! i fixed her talents, ran a few dungeons, healed (oh my gosh druid healing is love! HoT heals are fab and combat rez *drool*), earned some gold, and started fixing her gear. i plan to level her to outland then maybe, maybe transfer her to my main server to be with my shaman.. maybe i should try tanking with my druid too? i better read up on that cause i have noooo idea.

ok. time to make myself a cup if tea and go read.