March 27th, 2008

TF deception quote


so far today i have eaten a bowl of special k, a glass of apple juice (not from concentrate) and a cup of tea.
for lunch i had eggy bread with cheese in it. the bread was wholemeal granary, and it was cooked without extra fat. i also had a muller rice pudding and 3 slices of chicken ham (not ham cause it was all chicken, but you know what i mean).
for dinner i ate another three slices of chicken ham, with a couscous salad and another muller rice thing and another glass of juice.
throughout the day i had 3 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea and i'm about to make myself another tea and an options hot chocolate... and a bagel.

thats terrible. i started so well.
on the other hand. i waled to the bank and back again this morning, and then this afternoon i went on a walk with my dogs.

i guess it could have been much worse.

yes i obsess over food.

tomorrow i plan to eat juice and special k for breakfast again, i have smoked salmon to use up so maybe have that in a sandwich. and i'm not sure about dinner, i think its lasagna.
and while i am at work i will NOT buy any snacks or chocolate or anything liek that. dammit!