April 10th, 2008

TF deception quote


so i started back at college after two weeks off. eeek!
my assignments are done except for one two week diary, which i am writing for these next two weeks. phew. thats a massive weight gone.
now its just practical stuff. one of my lecturers has written a list of the things i need to get signed off for now. so it doesn't seem so daunting, but theres still a lot of stuff i need to do in the next two months.
i know i have a client today so hopefully there'll be something else i can get signed off.

i worked loads over the easter holidays that last week i did 10 days without a day off. doesn't bother me though cause i did get lazy mornings still. so i am hoping for a yummy big paycheque in two weeks. the bank never got back to me about a loan so i'll have to call them again.

warcrafty ramblings
i have rediscovered my undead priest. i think horde side i have tried every race/class combination that even vaguely appeals to me and i can't get along with any of them. i 'want' to have a mage. but deep down the thought of a toon with no heals is scary. so i am back to my dead girl priest. although i have discovered that elemental shamans are totally op i took my 32 taruen shaman (recently respec'ed) to stv and was taking out the level 36 orges easy.
but yes. i am back to my priest i think i am just going to stick with her although one my shaman hits 40 and i can respec back to enh and get two daggers maybe i'll have a change of heart. at this popint though. i am seriously considering just deleting all my toons under level 10. and freeing up space on the server again for 'new' toons.
oh and i transfered my hunter to runetotem. i don't want to play that toon, but i don't really want to delete her either, so that seemed the best option. she had 19g on her and i considered taking that, but i have alts on that server too, so i figured at least they have a bit of funding.