July 4th, 2008

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Fel Reaver

Well due to the fact that i have lost interest in actually playing world of warcraft. i thought i'd stick to writing about it.
i don't have anything to actually offer now. i have given up on the slashy ideas i had simply cause i lack the skill to write it. if its not a machine.. i don't know 'how' to write it.

i have started writing a Fel Reaver character study. i feel that before i can write any actual stories about him, i must establish some sort of personality, purpose and mechanic behind him. there isn't a lot of facts behind a fel reaver so i have a lot of artistic license.
we know that they run of fel fire. which has given me ideas for how they work, what they consume for energy, etc.
i have also injected a lot of transformers fandom into him. no where does it say if fel reavers are smart or not. so i have given him a demon spark (yes, spark) as a soul, and i am working on his opinions and personality still.

a lot is still in my head, and a lot is written on scrap bits of paper as it comes to me.
i don't intend to make the character study long or epic or anything like that, i just want to establish the character so i can then write him into another story that i desperately want to write.