August 4th, 2008

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Starting with the most important news. my trip to portsmouth was a success. beetlebugbecki and i found a house that was within our budget, had a garden and was okay with a dog.
our search for it was a nightmare. we spent the better part of a day looking and making a list of places to see, and with one phone call reduced the list to 2 places because the rest wouldn't take pets. but honestly i can say i am happy with our house.
it needs work. we're going to paint the walls that need it, install a shower (eventually). we've sorted out the sky vs virgin debate (we both agreed on sky).
i have sorted out a job, with the co-op still :/ but as soon as i am there i'll start a proper hunt for something better. mostly cause the co-op did mess me about a fair bit at first, and really who wants to work in a shop?
12 days till my move date (eek!)
truthfully. i am a bit gutted to be leaving wales. i've grown quite attached to the place. i hate a lot of where i live right now. but that's cause my neighbors are scanky chavs who need to drop dead and i am too far away from town. but i'm looking forward to being 'home' again so much :)

the second big thing in my life is that i am in contact with my dad again. mostly i simply don't have the words to describe how i am feeling about that. i just don't know. i expect nothing from this at all.
he sent a picture of himself and my brothers. i was completely floored. i honestly did not recognise his face. i can see it's him. but yeah, i could have walked past him in the street, looked right at him and not known who it was. my eldest half brother looked familiar, and the youngest obviously did not.
at the moment i am telling myself that i am only in contact with my dad because i want to know my brothers.
which opened up more complications. what if they don't like me? or think i'm back to steal their dad? (so so so! not true). these are things i have never actually thought about before so i feel a little uncertain about.. all of it!

on a brighter note, i had a fab lunch with the girls from college last thursday. it's the first time i saw them since i quit so it was really fun to chat and catch up. we went to a chinese restaurant and frankly, made pigs of ourselves. we're meeting up again on the 12th for my birthday/leaving do. i'm really looking forward to that.
work had arranged a leaving meal for me and another english chick who was leaving. but she left early and all the plans fell through. we're all going out for a drink after the 'rounders' team building exercise next sunday. lol yeah.. rounders. it'll be a laugh if nothing else.

i am stuck in a rut with regards to me education and career. i don't know for sure what i want to do.
which is a problem. cause i can't go working in a shop for the rest of my life. i have always loved the idea of being a mechanic. and resisted the idea because that's what my dad is. i am also limited by the fact that i can't drive yet. but i also in the back of my mind is my first love - web design. i know i am not terrible at that, but i also know that i am not good at it, complex code escapes me completely because i can't think logically like you need to. i tried hairdressing and that wasn't me. although sometime in the future when i have time and money i would like to return to that and get qualified, only so i can say i did it.
i enjoy the idea of being multi-skilled. i'd like to be able to do it all. i want to be able to fix my car, style peoples hair, create a website, knit a scarf and have the insight to draw detailed technical pictures.
i do have a full year before i need to decide if i'm going for more college or uni etc so this isn't actually stressing me out at all. it's just something to think about.

i have lost a lot of interest in playing warcraft. i want to play my alt toons more. which makes me feel bad cause obviously my main toon still needs a lot of work. i am enjoying playing a mage a lot. which surprises me. zomg no healz! we'll see. once i've moved i won't have time to play as much as i do now. and we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder.
i recently bought Twilight Princess for my Wii. i'm finding the game super hard. 1. i am so used to wow gameplay that anything else simply 'feels' strange. 2. with old games, when the graphics weren't so good. you could see what things you could interact with and what things you couldn't because their texture and colours where different. now the better and more detailed graphics become the harder it is to see the difference between objects that you can interact with, and the ones that are just in the background. it's a silly thing to have a problem with really. but i never noticed it till now. half the time i am walking right past things because i don't realise they are there.
last night i lost 2 hours of my life playing the sims. its rare that i completely lose track of time but before i knew it, it was 1am. i refused to play this game for so long. i didn't see the point, why you'd want to recreate a family and house and control the characters. its like a giant reality show... and you know what. its freaking awesome.
i downloaded some new skins for my sims which makes things a lot funnier.
my first family is Soundwave and Starscream. (oh yes, i went there) they adore each other. they are similar personality, both are very tidy and clean. Starscream loves to cook. Soundwave has set fire to the kitchen twice already and is now forbidden to cook. he finds the silliest things entertaining. only Screamer has a job so far. and he's getting promoted fast.
my second family is Megatron and Skywarp. Megs is a grumpy bastard who 'loves' everyone (hussy). he';s rubbish at cooking - he set fire to the kitchen the very first time he set foot in it. he's pretty tidy though.
Skywarp is neutral. so far nothing stands out about him yet. he seems to like everyone and gets on well with everyone.
while playing about with my Megatron/Skywarp family Soundwave/Starscream came to visit them. that was so funny. Skywarp got on with everyone. Starscream loved Skywarp, Soundwave hates Megatron. haha. Megatron loves everyone. believe me he tried with Soundwave but Soundwave just got angry at Megs. it was fun to watch. 50% of their visit though Soundwave and Starscream couldn't keep their hands off each other and were dancing together in the kitchen. which i thought was funny and approved of.

honestly. i had no idea how fun that game was. sad isn't it. i am amused so easily.

i was going to write about my fel reaver character study as well. but i'll save that for another post. possibly in the next few days i'll post some of my little ficlets.
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Fel Reaver

Part One i guess. More of a teaser though.
I hate this. i have rewritten it so many times and i cannot get it to 'flow' properly.
doesn't matter. it's only a character introduction.
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yeah not much to it.
basically just introducing Mr Fel Reaver to the world.

Explanations for my assumptions.
1. Felspark. this is not in fact entirely stolen from the whole Transformers 'spark' idea. There is an area in Hellfire called Felspark Ravine. its full of imps and infernos and whatnot. the more i thought about it the more i figured it might actually be compared to a breeding ground of sorts. after all, there is no base or camp there, no purpose for being there.. its just a load of demons all loitering (with intent).
of course i would read it like that cause for me 'spark' is synonymous with 'soul'.

2. i feel that all demons are evil by default. such is their nature.