September 30th, 2008

TFM blackout

the last month of my life

it's an ungodly hour of the morning and i am about to start an epic post about my life. clever aren't i?

on the 16th of august my life changed forever. i left my comfort zone living with my mum and moved in with my best friend Agent BumbleBee (beetlebugbecki).
i have found the transition from carebear to independent actually pretty easy. working so damned much just to pay the bills is never fun. but i don't 'hate' it.

we had problems getting online. we basically couldn't for the first month because TalkTalk messed us about. first they lost our order, then the address was wrong, then the routers were out of stock, etc. we've sorted most of it now except for the router. we've got to make do with a wired one till the wireless are back in stock.

work is alright. i do intend to get a better job than the co-op eventually but for now i am staying put just to give myself more time to adjust. besides i'm being trained up as a team leader (with a minor payrise) which will make things loads easier.

my dog Pandora sulked for the first few weeks. but Bee and her have bonded well. i am gutted there is no where at all to take her to walk where i can let her off the lead for a run. so that's something we ave to confine to weekends.

it's amazing how your attitude changes when you have to do things for yourself. little things like turning off lights. making sure the doors are locked at night. doing your own food shopping. paying the bills. all stuff i never gave much thought before. but its being a great learning curve.

while we were cut off from the internet world Bee and i got me caught up with 24. i have now seen all 6 seasons (we averaged at one season per week) and the trailers for the tv movie and season 7. we'll be getting sky tv in time for all of that now.

during my month offline i actually lost interest in playing warcraft. thankfully through the power of alts i have regained the obsession :) i have rerolled most of my horde toons again. Bee and i have rolled horde toons on a pvp server. the whole point of that roll was to create toons that your not good at (i picked feral druid) with professions you've never levelled before. we don't play those toons much but it's a nice break from everything else.
i moved my very first toon to my main server now. it's nice to have her close again.
i'm still jumping between lowbie alts. my shaman will get a lot more love when it's time to start levelling her again in the WotLK expansion.
there is also talk of a guild name change. Bee and i are still talking that one over.

i have decided to get a new domain for my website as expires in about 2 weeks. my new domain is
a little more apt for me at this time i think. i need to work hard on a new design that fits now.
i am guessing i'll do some of that tomorrow.

this week i don't have enough overtime at work (only 30 hours!) so i have a fair bit off free time i have friday and sunday completely free. sunday is dedicated p'jama day (as always). friday, bee and i will probably go to the cinema to see Mirrors (Kiefer Sutherland <3) and to Bee's parents house for dinner.

whenever i have free time there always seems to be a chore to fill it though, last week i cleaned for most of sunday (which is usually my one and only day off), this week i actually have time to chill out and do things i have been meaning to do. like thursday morning, we're off into town to clothes shop, friday cinema, sunday nothing, and at some point i'd like to wash Panda cause her fur is starting to feel greasy.

also need to haul the fridge freezer out and check behind it, cause a mouse died there yesterday and panda got it. she didn't kill it or damage it, but it was still gross and i had to deal with it and throw it away. i want to be sure there's not more stuck behind the fridge waiting to be mauled by my dog.

you know what i think i have covered nearly everything. i have left lots of details out. but with regular posts now i can start filling in gaps and sharing more details.