April 28th, 2009

Q geek.fangirl

gotta be here more often...

i actually have a lot of personal stuff i could write here, but i think that's something for a f-locked post at some other time. lets stick to the light hearted stuff :)

we'll start with my vanity. my eternal quest to diet continues to fail. i swear i'm not even trying. bad mell. bad!
i have a log day ahead of me tomorrow so i'll have to plan out my dinner properly.

my dreads are fluffier and messier than ever after being dyed. i'm hoping to get some more maintenance done on them over the weekend by beetlebugbecki. i keep saying "oh it's okay, leave it for today" but i think the time has come to just give in, watch some movies and get it sorted :)

and now the geeky stuff.
was reading a transformers blog and came across this little gem.
hell yes.
now all they need to do is get leonard nimoy on board and we can all be happy panda's about it :)

wouldn't normally warcraft it up here, after all, i made a community for that kind of thing. but i've hit level 77 on my shaman and invested in cold weather flying and i'm feeling quite smug about it. first thing i did was to farm herbs in icecrown and then get my exploring achievements :)
feels good to be able to fly around again. 3 more levels to go. and apparently i'm doing very well with my playing and dps.
i'll write more about my spec and spell rotation later. that's enough wow-talk for now.