May 21st, 2009

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in limbo

i'm sort of, in limbo at the moment. just... waiting.
waiting for my computer to either start working again or for a new one.
few days ago my computer decided tghat switching on was completely overrated. flashed it's amber power light at me and refused to do anything. the day after it switched on all on it's own, failed, tried again. did some sort of system scan and was okay. foolishly i shut it down at the end of the evening to sleep and it never woke up again. it tried to restart again in the early hours of this morning but failed. i'm thinking it's time for a new machine. i can't afford that to be honest. but we reckon we can build something for under £300 that'll be waaaaay better then what i have been using.

i'm using my ibook at the moment. it's eye candy. that is all... it doesn't actually 'work' very well. omg, its like 9 years old. of course it can't work well, websites like this and facebook and gmail are desighned for computers with way more processing power than this. it's frustrating to say the least. and youtube doesn't work. and flash animations make it wet itself and run away crying.

i really need a new computer.

i miss wow. lol

i also had to get myself a new phone because mine finally decided to break completely. what i've bought to tide me over for 6 months is a downgrade from what i had. cheap, cheerful and familiar. it'll do :D

as for the other thing i was gonna write about. well, that man is hard work. i think i am just going to have to wait out his 'down' phase. for now... i completely give up.

i'm looking forward to tomorrows because i'm having lunch with some old friends.
amd sunday because i'm having lunch with old relatives :D (less of the old thank you very much.....) it's looking like it's going to be a good weekend.