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Black Holes and Revelations
Well the good news is that I am in love with my druid. She's about to ding level 24 and I am having a lot of fun playing her.
I'm in a casual social guild at the moment which is new for me because I've always been in a very tight knit guild run by beetlebugbecki. I'm making allies and friends. Its new and awesome.
I'm going for a cat dps spec which I'm not good at but the research and experimenting is fun.
I intend to give my druid (and my main shaman) an update on my fourtotems comm soon. I have screenshots and ramblings to post!!!

The bad. Well it's bad because I fail so hard. One of the guys I work with came onto me in a serious way yesterday and I freaked out. Obviously he doesn't know I did. But my brain, even today is fucked.
There's only one guy that does not make panic in that respect and we no longer talk that's okay. Such is life. I don't know why he was different but... Yeh. Now I have ugly brain nonsense to cope with on top of my appaling financial situation.

On a brighter note. Tea party tomorrow!! Strictly bring your own teapot. :D


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