July 18th, 2009

DW busy blogging


i hoped never to use a credit card again. well, that was the only time i will.
my excuse? pre-ordering windows 7. it 'was' worth it. would have cost me a lot more if i didn't get it sorted now. it's just depressing.

also that old vodafone contract has tracked me down. they finally given in and realised that 'mr' menolly doesn't exist and the can now talk to me. set up a payment plan with them. hmmn. more leeches.

because of my lack of money i have been discovering what it's like to not buy bits and bobs at work. no treats no buying milk or anything. on the whole i'm eating a lot healthier. but on the downside i'm having to rely on beetlebugbecki to pick up the essentials. sucks.