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*brain melt*

i have my final 'interview' at college tomorrow. presumably to get all the paperwork sorted out and get my bus pass. yes i did do my trial bus run. so now i know where all the stops are. i need to catch the bus at 7:30 in the morning and that should get me to college just before 9:00.
hopefully tomorrow the college will be able to tell me what is going on with my uniform/kit. my kit is paid for and i know is delivered to the college itself. but my uniform seems to be in limbo. my application and cheque for it was sent. but it's not come out of my account yet. unless the college already paid for it with the funding and that too will be waiting for me on the first day (way to let my try it on first guys!).
i am terrified and excited at the same time.
i know my time will be valuable. i have to fit full time college and at least 20 hours of work a week. plus looking after my dog, housework oh and warcraft. *slips into coma* this is going to be an exhausting year. but totally worth it.

my warcraft life has been bitchslapped back to the Undercity. basically us four guild leaders decided to up and leave Twisting Nether - a PvP (player vs player)realm and move to a PvE (player vs environment) realm. which is brilliant and works for me because i am awful at PvP. except i am lagging behind because i can't afford to transfer my shaman yet.. for a reason i will get to eventually in this post. i miss my shaman so much. buuut, at the same time, during the transfer all four of us rolled horde characters. which i have enjoyed. i couldn't decide on a class at first. who knew that a horde shaman would 'feel' so different to alliance. i have finally settled with an undead priest called Stårscrêam (shadow spec of course). the playstyle is wickedly different between my two characters and i like that. i also love that i get a lot of invites to heal in dungeons. i like healing, though not as much on my priest as my shammy. still, i have finally caught up in level with the rest of my guild now, i was behind because i went though shaman and mage characters (to level 12) before my priest. i plan to focus a bit more on my shaman when i transfer her, to get her to 58 so i can go to outland, never been there, and i feel like i am missing out.

i bought pokémon pearl. teehee.
i only have 4 pokemon at the moment, because i am 'not' catching any i don't like the look of. petty isn't it. naturally. i already have myself a zubat (a crobat fronts my team all the time, this game is no exception). i started with the grass type (who's name eludes me at the moment) and i have a shinx and oddly enough, for the first time ever, an onix. two of them are level 13 and i am working to get the other two to that level as well so i can level them all equally. my playstyle for this game is so totally different from all the others i have played. i think warcraft has educated me. cause get this.. i use tactics! i never, ever, used to use stat changing moves, i deemed them a waste of a move. so yeah, that's cool. that's something i can do on the bus to college. /geek

thats one reason i can't afford my warcraft character transfer. the other is that i spent £50 on a pinstripe corset off ebay. yeh, totally worth it :) i'm waiting for it to be delivered at the moment, knowing my luck it won't fit (at worst it will be too small, but i am fat, so it won't kill me to lose some weight).
i also bought some new 'essential' clothes in tesco, trousers, tops oh and a black waistcoat. not sure what i will wear that with. but i wanted one anyway.

my application to the thefanlisting.org to open a fanlist for Blackout was approved. I have played around with a design; prototype one. i am not happy with the navigation though. i can tell something is missing, other than the content and the decepticon logo but i can't see what it is. i have a few modifications going round my head, so we'll see how they go.
still need to work on my main website as well. i'm not sure exactly what to do with it. i should also sign into msn more often too.

oh you know what i need is a computer that can handle running warcraft and trillian instant messenger at the same time. problem solved. apple should manufacture their macbook pro in black.

i've been a little bit better recently on my diet. not enough to make a difference. but i don't think i am gaining weight anymore. i have also been walking my dog a bit longer than i was so that helps.

sorry i never actually replied to anyone's comments on my last post. i think i elaborated on most of my list here anyway.
but yeh playbunnii, the ending to the transformers movie was a bit strange, i mean after the fight, Optimus Prime (who is still awesome really..) holding the two bits of Jazz was all "we lost a comrade, but gained new friends, so yah know, whatever". he lost is second in command! i want grief and mourning! i want to see emo robot tears! he was more upset when Megatron died (and fandom could give several reasons for this, each more perverse than the last). and also, other than for action eye candy, why did the fight occur in the middle of a city? need to hide an Allspark? just go the the most densely populated area you can think of, problem solved. duh.
kikazu, yes i was going to close nocturnal. but not anymore. i was just feeling down about it.
and taishokao, please send memo to Megatron. Leave Starscream alone!! 'he' didn't get himself frozen for thousands of years did he, so back off. kthxbai. :P

thus ends my giant post. mostly because it's late and i have to be up early for work tomorrow.
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