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fifteen minutes

ok i gotta leave for the bus in about fifteen minutes.
i'm not as worried today as i was yesterday, but i have already downed two cups of coffee and i only got four hours sleep so what do i know!
the only thing concerning me is getting there on time, but that should b ok. the bus leaves at 7:30 and takes about an hour so i should be in swansea at 8:30 leaving me half hour to figure out what bus i need to be on to get to college. i thought it was the on leave from bay 4, thats the one i got last time. but at work i was told it leaves from bat 2 or 1. gah. i'll check the timetable when i get there, or better still, follow someone.

also, i did a wicked job with my eye makeup this morning. i'm wearing the slytherin colours again (cause that's the 'design' i know how to do right haha). i really need to get a photo, but my webcam is being unhelpful this morning - not enough light in the room.

ah this morning could not have been better, i was worried it would be raining, and that i would get to college looking like a skank. fortunately they sky is clear! no rain, no mist!

ok 2 minutes to go now....
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