Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

i am different already

being at college has given me purpose. and i am feeling the effects of that already.
i am making an effort to do things. like waking up early to walk my dog, or really just waking up early to be awake. taking 5 minutes a day to make sure some housework or a chore is done instead of leaving it to a time when maybe i have more time and energy to do it.
i have always thought that the harder you work, harder you are inclined to work. that's proving to be true. although i am only one week in so maybe all these good habits i seem to be developing will eventually fall away.

college on wednesday was ace. we had a team building exercise involving all of the Broadway Centre (so all of the hair and beauty students). the classes were split into to teams and we were given material, makup and hair product. we had to elect one person to be a model and give them a makeover. cue the chaos. everyone had to have a role in the group which was nice cause no one was left out or had nothing to do. and at the end, the dressed up model and a representative and to march down a catwalk. some of the outfits were hilarious. the other team from our class had elected the only guy in the group at their model, which sent the room into hysterics because he wasn't wearing any underwear.
all this fun stuff to get us used to college is cool, but i can't wait for the real lessons to begin on monday.
i have to pick up my portfolio today and my kit. getting home on the bus with those things will be fun. i might just leave my portfolio in my locker cause it's massive, and my kit is really heavy.

looking through the part time course book i have figured out that the beginners german classes at late ona tuesday or wednesday. grrr. i can't stay out that long on either of those days. why couldn't it have been on a thurday? thats my late.

now i need to go sort out my hair.
this evening in have to get my blackout fanlist up and running before TFL.org shout at me for taking too long!
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